Eco-friendly wallet passes

Wallet cards for business

Issue wallet cards instead of plastic cards,
increase customers loyalty and attract new ones.
Supports all phones, watches and NFC cards.
With care about ecology.
Wallet loyalty card with NFC
Service for the automatic issuance and distribution of wallet loyalty cards, coupons, business cards, tickets and other types of wallet cards that are installed on your existing and potential customers smartphones. The work of the cards is provided by the system iOS application Apple Wallet and analogues for Android and Windows Phone. Wallet cards are synchronized with any CRM system and display the actual information from it.

NFC technology allows customers to issue wallet cards in a simplified mode when paying via Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as read customer loyalty cards by a bank terminal or access control device.

Customer always with your card

Wallet cards supplement or replace your existing plastic cards. Instead of sms-messages, you can now send push-messages to customer phones.

Easily update cards design and information on them. Data about discounts and bonuses is updated on cards in real time from your CRM.

Your customers store your card in their phone. The card reminds of you with a push-message as soon as the customer is near you!
Sending push messages
Try a demo card
You can create, install and test
in action a wallet card in your smartphone.