Wallet card features

Fully automatic issuance
and management of cards
The client fills in the online application form and receives a wallet card in real time. The customer information immediately enters your CRM system. Now you do not need to worry about printing a paper questionnaire, making plastic cards and manual data transfer to the CRM system.
Wallet card issuance form
Wallet card structure
Wallet card live structure
Create any structure of the card and display on it the necessary data from the CRM-system, for example, the actual balance of the client. The design of the card is fully consistent with your corporate identity and you can update it as often as you like.
Send push messages
Tell customers information about promotions, special offers and your updates in manual and automatic modes.
Push message on wallet card
Balance update on wallet card
Balance update
Your clients receive up-to-date information about changes in balance and other information from your CRM system.