Marketplace CARD PR

Additional features of wallet cards.
Welcome promo codes and bonuses
Welcome bonuses motivate customers to receive wallet cards.

When installing the card, the client receives the bonus you specified. The bonus is determined by the promotional code entered or can be set the same for all.

With the help of promotional codes it is convenient to track the sources of installation of cards.
Welcome promo codes and welcome bonuses
Referral promotion codes and referral bonuses
Referral promo codes and bonuses
Customers recommend you to their friends.

On the back of each card there is a unique promo code. The client, recommending you to his friend, tells the promo code. The invited friend indicates the promotional code when registering and both receive the bonuses you have specified.

Referral mechanics stimulate the organic growth of your base.
Telegram NPS-bot
The bot allows you to determine the level of satisfaction of your customers, offering them to assess the level of your service after making purchases.
Telegram NPS-bot